Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
MGR/AndyTheToneFreak 10/12/2002

Behringer V-Amp 2 : MGR/AndyTheToneFreak's user review

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I paid 150 Euro for it new from a local music store. I couldn't resist it when I looked at it and thought of the high overall rating at of it.

I liked the tuner in it, but it was my first tuner so I can't tell if it is a good or bad one, but it worked I think. I guess a few effects in it was good too, but not awesome. I liked the bag and it was a pretty good design.

The sound!! It was the worst sound I've ever heard, so extremely noisy in every imaginable way. It has only a sampling rate at 31,125 kHz and that is much too low if you are a tone freak like me. The price on this thing describes it all. It's a toy for beginners. The dist is awful the tones are sharp and digital. It makes a 2000$ guitar sounding like a 200$ one! (don't buy!)

It seemed to be a well made product.

I would give it 1, but because of the low price and the tuner that worked I give it a 2, people that rate it higher rate it as a product, but as a music gear it is not worth more than a 2 for what it does. I played with my Fender Richie Sambora USA strat, and I prefer not having it in my gear, I returned it. A good decision! Bottom line: Don't buy it, search for good tones instead!

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