Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
MGR/HM 05/04/2003

Behringer V-Amp 2 : MGR/HM's user review

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Havent bought it yet.
But I have had one on trial for several days.
I have done many hours of testing it and comparing it to my Pod thru a whole range of guitars!!
I will buy one next week!

Firstly I read the review by Andy The Tone Freak saying it had the worst sound he had ever heard.
Now I am pretty old, I have played thru Fenders, name it...I was a guitar cult figure in the 70s and very well known in the country I grew up in, grew up playing hendrix style and blues and later hard I have had lots of experience.
Andy...unfortunately has his head totally up his arse.
I really think he probably didn't check this unit out at properly at all...does he know how to work a noise gate?
I am fussy I have a really good recording studio with Joe Meeks, Valve mics and so on and I love this unit.
So Lets get down to it.
Comparing this to the Pod...its much more versatile than the Pod (not the XT...I wont be buying one of those) but the Pod 2, it sounds every bit as good and often better.
With a bit of tweaking you can get sooo many sounds...I LOVE IT!!!
I am seeling my Pod, Line 6 stuff is OVERPRICED!!! to the max..forget it, buy a Behringer.

Nothing really

Its a bit more plasticy than the Pod...but it looks and feels more hi tech.
Love the lights display and ergonmics.

Dont listen to bullshit..use your ears.
Line 6 stuff is not better than the Behringer even though it costs five times more.
The V-Amp is a great unti and I love it, it is very usefull and much more versatile than the original Pod.

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