Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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MGR/Doug 08/05/2003

Behringer V-Amp 2 : MGR/Doug's user review

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Paid too much, $160

I only use this device for the effects and the tuner, so pertaining to those I like it.

The Amp simulation is horrible. If Behringer would have just focused on good tone instead of so many useless Amp simulations they would have a better product. The absolute worst thing about this device is that the footswitch takes like 3 days to respond and bank over to the next preset. That makes the V AMP completely useless for me. I play in a metal band and just cant have 2 seconds of silence every time I need to switch presets, I need a device that will switch channels within milliseconds, and do so seamlessly. I believe that their is a better footswitch on the market that may respond faster being as it would use the midi port, but I am not about to put any more money towards this device. I also work as a recording engineer and my opinion is that the device is pretty much useless in the studio with the exception of the effects and tuner. I think I am going to purchase what my lead guitarist has: A Rocktron Chamelion, more money but oh well ya get what ya pay for. BUYER BEWARE

Good construction but what good is that if the Amp sims sound crappy and the footswitch is slow?

If you're a beginning guitarist who wants a cool toy from mommy and daddy for xmas, put this on your wishlist. BUT if you are a serious guitarist, in a band, or involved in any studio recording... STAY AWAY.

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