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Uruloke 01/02/2003

Line 6 POD : Uruloke's user review


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Well, must say what is, in addition to being somewhat ridiculous, the shape of the pod remains quite qd same galre to manipulate a guitar hand! P
to have to buy pedals and Co. and its price goes up quite a bit!

good, now, home studio, who cares ..


With the manual, is a ...
and then finally get some prs SETTING THE base


Well, I put the wrong note expr, to challenge!
because all dpend use we want to do, and style that we play ... as for metal, and rock / punk (and all that ncessite a little power and attack) is NULL!! I insist.
The amp models such as the rectification are not really top (thankfully seen the price of a mesa ..) and you can not get a convincing (a good offense) with a pod (and yet we tried a good time!)

In short, we get a good Arussi better sound with direct drive (with a Shure SM58!) On the amp (correct) with the pod

on the other hand for clear sound, a lot will
for live, honest, avoid it! We had a test sound correct though, and in April that he has sounded better with an amp ...

M'enfin for dpanner on a big sound, not bad


(See sound quality)

I confess I do not understand the excitement it causes gnral ...
Finally, I have some friends that they use in a assos of Zique (they had a DJ sound system 400W), it is convenient for RPTES, but it is not pro!