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eyesight 11/05/2004

Vox Tonelab : eyesight's user review


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7 for features because it could have effects over and above finer tuning parameters, but the effects are good presents, and when the simulator manufacturers will put their digital output worthy of the name? (48 khz, 96)


Very easy to use too simple can be made into very quickly turn to a studio camera, but even when 8


I IT CAN BE USED with JS1 and strat I notice the previous type are crunchy rock and bluffing are warmer than those of aures devices, although the lamp comes to play its role but also the expertise in the matter of vox when the sounds they are clean without the road I would have loved more colorful sounds like crunch, and for large distos I do not think that Vox can lay something not been bluffing deu.
8 for sounds that are missing (large distos etc ...) but 10 sounds crunches and other rocailleries


I IT CAN BE USED for 3 weeks I plan to keep long (there is a max for sale Used) I like the particular sound less electronic than autres.J have had a pod that I sold I found the sounds great but too naked in the synthetic compound.

I switched to a GENESIS 3 and I'm surprised not to hear more about because for me it is the most versatile tous.Les sounds are more realistic than the pod, sounds beautiful clear Y'a also with the grain crunch really different and very large American distos. The effects are large and super qualit.La warp function (mixture of 2 amps) is extrordinaire it helps forge original colors

On aillleurs is the only major complaint that I do in ToneLab I find that different amplifiers have the same grain the same color
I had people who sell second-hand and they are the lack of deus polyvanlece
in fact the ToneLab is a simile of Vox amps (I think) but it has to that I love
to try before you buy!
All good music!