Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

Xavy 11/14/2013

Marshall MS-2 : Xavy's user review

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A transistor amp could not be more cheap!

Delivers 2W (very big "distortion" card for this amp).

A 6.3 jack for input and one for the headphones is pond.

A basic equalization gain and two modes of operation (clean and dist).


It could not be easier to use.

Manual, there was a?

We obtain sound never good. This is a gadget for the andouille is stuffed when a real amp to make music.


Not suitable for any style of music except punk street packed with beer.

I put a typical Ibanez shred a BC rich base on a Gretsch Electromatic and nothing sounds, it's just awful!

Level tones, clean you can set the tone for more or less acute, ditto dist, but it does not work miracles.

I hate all the sounds of this amp! I sold elsewhere (because I stopped drinking)!


I used less than a year so it is appalling.

I had bigger amps before, I wanted something to travel, I could put it in a backpack, if it had been it would have sounded great.

to its size its weight and look there is nothing to love with this amp.

C4EST flight cardboard for something like this, it is an item of decoration that sound amplification tool!