Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

MGR/Rick Secchi 12/07/2003

Marshall MS-2 : MGR/Rick Secchi's user review

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I purchased this from electrohill in London, for £19.95, I needed something to carry around on holiday, so I don't lose touch with my guitar (sounds sad)

Its so handy to use and carry. You can clip it on to your trousers, so you can walk around with it. Its suprisingly loud for its size, if you turn the knob to the "OD" option, its quite loud. It has a handy headphone input, good for when you jam to yourself.

Theres nearly no bass in the sound what so ever. I can understand that for its size. The battery rounds out pretty quickly. It has no decent distortion. Just a basic rough sound. Other than that stuff, its quite decent

Its a hard plastic, so its pretty strong. Yet at the same time, if you drop it, theres a fairly good chance it might get damaged.

If you need something very small, yet handy, this will do the job. No distortion, so you might have to pack your effects pedals with this one. Fairly decent for its price. If you want a louder version of this, the Marshall MS-4 would be ideal.

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