Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

Audiofanzine FR 03/08/2009

Marshall MS-2 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Saturator/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
2 watt solid-state amp with guitar input and external PSU input. Controls: volume and tone knobs, on/off and clean/overdrive combo-switch.

It's quite basic but enough for a "nomad" amp. I like the funny "Playmobil" touch but I broke the reinforcement bar of the speaker and I had to open the amp to replace it. Two watts of power are enough, but the device is a bit too fragile considering the price.


It cannot be easier.

Clean/overdrive selection switch, volume and tone controls and that's it!

I didn't need the user's manual.


The amp doesn't have a real clean sound and the overdrive sound is very dirty. In OD mode, high volume settings produce a quite intense but not too metallic distortion. As a summary, it's a travel amp. Don't expect to make rehearsals with it because you'll only get an annoying sound (if someone ever hears you).

I use it with a compact multi-effects processor (Zoom G2) to have more possibilities and a better sound. It allows me to emphasize the distortion sound and to get a better dynamic response using amp models. But considering the size of the speaker, a lack of lows is unavoidable.


I've been using it for about one year and I like it because it's the only really small and light travel amp. I didn't try out other products. I just wanted an amp to hear my guitar when I practice in places like school, for example. I find the price is somewhat high considering the sound quality and the sturdiness. I would buy it again because it's the only real travel amp. If you want a better sound you'll have to add a compact multi-effects processor, like I did, but it increases the price of the system, which then becomes a bit expensive (luckily, I already had an effects processor).