Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.


Marshall MS-2 : Anonymous 's user review


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Good pay is a 2W at 25 totho ...
1.5 hp "

trslger small and fun to play in the car to the rear on long journeys!


Simplicity itself.
no you do not sound good. take something more srieux this amp is a toy! I was expecting something else from a brand with such a reputable and quality of srieux. First point this amp is lightweight plastic and not good trs solid and more ... autonomy is correct then it's still one more but nothing gnial
a manual for that?? useless!


Good sound is shit as I prfre have no amp or a sound base in thotho for 30 more!
I play an Ibanez RG 2001 in Japan rises in HS8, electronic blind not rotten and the sound is pathetic. this amp does not even stand!

I support the clear sound. the distortion? can we talk about distortion? the return of the killer bees ... HP in the 1.5 "I then had the IDE to test it with an overdrive and a headphone: what cot always bee but it becomes more honest (but I plugged my overdrive dja live in a headphone and had a better sound ...)


It's been six months that I screwed up in a closet. Take a gadget is a V-amp used or new ca be 10x better you can record, play and even headphones you use the vamp as the Valvestate prampli your friend (yeah my buddy has a Valvestate stack and the sound is strangely close to the C-MS2 guards all proportions)
finally I was expecting a 30 amp in small plywood with a small clean sound nice! not a toy that resembles a curio way (if standing ...) made in china!
non is shit get something more srieux drop dung that I saw for that price a ibanez 4w transition on eBay and has a wood cabinet and a 3-hp "for 40! So scratch on occasion but the sound will always be "toy"!

would it be an amp for children? no power, just a battery, ... Bontempi the amps?