Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

barboiron 01/23/2006

Marshall MS-2 : barboiron's user review


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Pretty little thing opamp.
Case plastic toy bazaar, scary view of prs.
(See other CHARACTERISTICS in other reviews.)


Can not get her any drinking regardless of the configuration.
Only three strings Aiges spend with his mtalique unqualified to spin the eardrums. Needless to esprer hear the bass.


This toy is a foul stew. My radio has better sound rveil.
No clear sound, in a so-called "clean" empty guitar makes more noise! And if you push: the HP grsille is horrible!
Is no distortion in the crunch or the distortion, the HP is one of the draws I've ever seen, it saturates in a grsillement indescribable.
This gives at most infamous boiled unable to reproduce every nuance.
This amp has no "carractre," it is simply wrong.


It looks nice trs is the only good thing and it's only that I put 2. But do not be fooled, the Fisher Price of the small has a much better sound reproduction!
Its price, as nine occasions, is a disgrace!
Any HP PC 5 Euros in a supermarket is better.

Plutt that will waste your money on the forum plutt see the tutorials to make your own mini-amp, you will get a much better rsultat.