Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

Zevka 09/24/2005

Marshall MS-2 : Zevka's user review


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Forcment for size ... amplification transistor, no mention of spcial!

2 knobs: volume and tone, plus a troisime which acts as ON / OFF / Overdrive

Level connections, like everything else, is what is necessary, no frills: between the guitar, headphone or speaker, 9V adapter jack

A rglage Gain for overdrive t have fun (it is Submitted to the MS-4), but given as a function of the small Marshall, we will not complain!)

Brief all good!


With two knobs, it will not mean that the configuration can be difficult. The tone does not work miracles but it helps the color of fawn diffrent overdrive, note that in this mode the volume is more like a pseudo gain than anything else.

I test some external output on a headphone on my amp and a string, the rsultats are inconclusive, but most of my stuff just as MS-2 in this case the I think.

I just bought this little wonder, and I turned on adapter for the time, so standard battery life I do not know what a is.

It's good hardware Despite the small size, but the features are Obviously more than a gadget rel amp (it's quite normal, this is not the goal!)


Its level, the clean has a volume too low and saturates quickly, and even if it is not bad in itself it is not too useful (except may be on a headphone) so that ct is not gnial.

However the overdrive is super good job, there's a trs Marshall, warm, powerful, in short, is simply stunning, this little thing has in the belly!

I stay glued it really sounds nice trs (in distortion)!


I confess a little m'tre prcipit to the notice, I bought the MS 2 in The Day, but it says it is not really a product that has need to test for hours!

This is a purchase favorite, I was the ide of the amp "portable" trs cool, and Marshall found the finish with his marriage effective black and gold, but it is not only to dco, the sound is really thundering Overdrive for such a small craft.

Obviously not a substitute for a real amp (although in some fiddling with the release of a good speaker should be able to have something nice), but this is not the goal!

Marshall was really a pocket of what to take it with you its legendary!

The price is a bit got my lv (45) we pay dearly for the "franchise" Marshall is an object only feature more "fans", I do not know that it is the other in this area (apart from the MS-4) and there may be more effective micro amp (especially for clean sounds), but I'm not deu with my purchase!

It's been a good idea gift ;-)
I would put a good 9, simply because I note from the product range, and from the MS-4 is a bit more complete, this little amp all you need to use pr view ... it has everything a great!