Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

MGR/Andrew 07/14/2003

Marshall MS-2 : MGR/Andrew's user review

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Just bought the little amp today for 35 bucks via a SamAsh not too far away from my house.

Well, i've read many reviews prior to actually purchasing this mini-amp, so i was at first a little hesitant. BUT, this little amp is very cool. Of course, its not exactly studio quality sound, but its a fun little toy. And also...the overdrive isn't half bad(well, it IS a marshall)and comparing it to my actual marshall halfstack i wasn't too disappointed.

Isn't much not to like about this amp. EXCEPT maybe the clean channel could use a little adjusting, its a little too quiet and not too clean.

The construction of the amp is very solid, I just got it today so i dont know how it will fair when dropped, but im pretty sure it will hold up very well.

This is a great little amplifier to just mess around with, (dont take it seriously!) plenty of fun, and besides its a marshall, goes along great with a real cool...

by the way, i'd rate this a 4.5 but there's only a 4 and 5 yeah

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