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[Musikmesse] Carlsbro NlightN

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Carlsbro NlightN
News Carlsbro NlightN

Portable PA Speaker Cabinet from Carlsbro

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Carlsbro is launching its new NlightN, NXT driven, flat panel sound reinforcement speakers at this year’s Musikmesse.


NlightN flat panel speakers use six small, mathematically positioned exciters to generate bending waves across the entire surface of a stiff panel membrane. The exciters used in the NlightN speakers are based on conventional moving voice coils. The movement of the panel is designed to create a diffuse soundfield: the dispersion from an NlightN speaker is almost omnidirectional across its full frequency range, according to Carlsbro.


The NlightN is suited for small PA applications in small clubs, performance spaces and karaoke bars.


NlightN panel speakers can be mounted in different ways with different fixtures, including PA stands and directly onto walls and other surfaces. The panel surfaces can also be painted or printed with images, corporate logos etc, in order to provide ‘invisible’ sound reinforcement.


For full product specs, visit www.soundking.com.

  • Safeandsoundmastering 15 posts
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 04/05/2011 at 04:16:27
    I would be so interested to hear what bass is produced by these type of PA speaker. Very interesting development indeed.

    online mastering

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