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Thread Advice on small studio midi keyboard controller please

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1 Advice on small studio midi keyboard controller please
Hi All,

I have an m-audio axiom pro 61 in my compact home studio setup running through logic studio 9. Quite happy with it.. But I want a full 88 key controller.. Preferably with weighted hammer action.

I have been looking online at the Akai MPK88 which looks great.. Does anyone have any experience or views on this models.. Or is there any that do a similar job that are better.



Hey Jayburger,  I don't have any experience with the Akai MPK88.  I do however, own an M-Audio Pro 88.  I like my Pro 88 a lot, and there is a good amount that can be done with it.  For the price, I don't think that it can be beat.  However, the MPK88 looks like it's a better more in depth, and most likely has a more realistic feel.  If price is no object I'd probably go with the MPK88, but if you want to save some money, the Pro 88 will give you a lot of bang for your buck...



Well i dont have a MKP88 But i do have the MPK49. If you are going to use this keyboard for pro tools at all i highly recomend getting something different. I didnt do my homework well enough when i purchased mine. All the bells and whistles on this thing are not compatible with pro tools so that is a big bummer. Also if you are getting the keyboard because of the pads that come with it, i recomend getting something else. i NEVER use my pads. they are stiff and u have to pound the crap out of them to get any sound out of it. Other than that i love my midi controller. LOL!!!!! I do recomend looking at what roland has to offer. :) have a great time!