EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
pascalray 12/13/2006

EBS ValveDrive : pascalray's user review


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Preamli a lamp
there is a lamp 12 AX7
input and output jack
correction gain, treble, mid low, volume, preamp to come across Monne brand)
Direct injection box


The config is very sound simplele vious get when you plug it is good enough and I say enough to not let you down on your new acquisitions especially when c is hot and if you do you regalge coherent and probably the people who play and the habit of playing on amps lights will not differnce


The valve drive is that if you look like a lamp having a very warm and soft but crunchy auusii style can be heard in Monreal is Pastorius 80 '
I used to play the jaz and sound is round but I do not deny to lma expoloser box when I Jiou funk or fusion c the effect is very versatile.
li I tried with my violin and bass with a fender jazz bass


I do not lutilse since a lot of time on what is masi c is that I'm not going in evendre immediatly;)
likes what I c is that it is not lour n it does 20 pounds and gives the heat of a lamp and then you plug No matter where a head of a combo amp to a power amplifier in a table in the mix using a DI box and you have secured your sound at home and You are not obliged to make war on al engineer for the sound that you do not like and what is low c d ago difficult Tones and ringing