EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
lbgo000 03/02/2012

EBS ValveDrive : lbgo000's user review

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Preamp tube


Hard to find simpler


I love the sound of two sounds: vintage or modern depending on the mood. This is an overdrive and not distortion.
The dynamics of the signal is fully respected, what you can not do with overdrive transistor.
EQ is passive and remarkable - the pedal keeps the sound of your bass frequencies without adding unpleasant unitive view (as do some pedals especially in the lower midrange.


I have not tested mals overdrive pedals but always come back to it.
You want the sound of your bass - this is for you (like all products EBS).
It is not given.
I would have liked a little more connectivity - XLR to the mixer, tuner output, but hey there is not so 8.