The saint 10/04/2005

Pioneer CMX 3000 : The saint's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bought 2 weeks ago in a secondhand cash converters.

What I like most, cestla grip general, no need to record all functions fall under the fingers without looking too, is the pioneer. Hot cues I is not so much that it finally, finally, less than I imagined. The jog is quite plastic, but for niquel ratraper a tempo. Against it by no means a scratch machine (you can tell by the way).

I tried the cdj500 (IOP) is a simpa use the axis9 (numark) works normally and without + cdj20 (gemini) before, but not for the purpose of a purchase because it is not what 'I needed.

Excellent value for money, I got it for the price of a cdj 800. By comparing the cmx 3000 is the equivalent of 2 CDJ1000 for the price of a cdj 800 (of course if not Scratch, and this is my case).
EDIT after 1 month of use:

so I just had my first freeze (the screens block but the music is still running) of a I do not know what but the two old cds cds were burned and she had just 1:30 to mix a little in the barbaric times So good legs.

Stability level I am a bit disappointed with Pioneer notament freeze because of this (the only one in a month so I hope that there will be no more), if y 'after a small reflexes have no gender not start the music before the loop button've finished clgnoter (storing anti shock 4.5sec) if the sound starts and then turns off after 10sec.

Except to the mix in his room is the ideal (a ca € 1000 is cheap though so you have to look to the new has come) shame that Pioneer did not put a system to update as Denon.

But otherwise it remains an excellent double drive, it took me some time to take control of 100%.

So here a few spots from the stability (just freeze in fact) it's still a good animal.

Rating 8 / 10 because you can always do better, even if one approaches the top.