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Thread [Getting started] Last advice on automation - Part 2

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1 [Getting started] Last advice on automation - Part 2
Last advice on automation - Part 2
Today I'll give you some final recommendations regarding automation.

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I have used the score method for years. I've been a arranger/ producer for more than 30 years I came out of an era of live musicians with a written score. It just made sense to me to use that score for mixing . There was usually a mix engineer but reading the score I could say bring up the first violins two lines on the fader no start a gradual fade....

Even with automation it saves a lot of time I still use that method today when I work in the Box.

In order to minimize computer glitches
I write the track ...
Open the written tracks in a new project which I can further tweak or go back to the original every export changes that seems like a lot of work but I'm still using a five year old computer with 4 gigs of RAM