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Thread Recording a band live with ONE microphone

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1 Recording a band live with ONE microphone
Hey, I want to record some of my bands live conserts.
I have some microphones, an M-AUDIO Fast Track USB sound board and a laptop.

I want to use one microphone and place it somewhere with the audience, so:

What microphone should I use?
I have a Shure SM57, Shure SM58 and a complete set of drum-microphones (maybe an overhead-mic from the set of drum mics is a good choice?)

Where in the room should I place the mic?
We usually play inside small rooms, at about the size of one or two classrooms

thanks for all answers :D
I know its been a couple months since you posted, but...

If your overhead mics are the only condensers you've got, they're probably your best option for this. You could still get some alright sounds with the 57, but a condenser is going to give you more justice on the high end.

As far as where to place the microphone in the room, there's no magic about this. The best thing you can do is have the band play and walk around the room with one ear plugged. What you hear with the other ear will be a closer approximation of what the microphone is going to pick up. Sometimes the spots that sound the best will surprise you. Its a pretty simple technique but a useful one.