Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon PCM 60

PCM 60, Reverb from Lexicon in the PCM series.

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blackle 08/08/2010

Lexicon PCM 60 : blackle's user review


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Reverberation of his statements released in 1984. You have 2 programs FLAT or ROOM reverb with various possible combinations of pre-delays and impairments is made in more than a hundred opportunities that are available to the user.


For editing sounds, you have 4 functions:
Programs: (FLAT or ROOM)

size: Simulation parameters for the volume of "parts" under consideration, ie we varied the pre-period. Schwitches identified four of Small to Large (pre-delay time of 1 ms to 46 ms)

Reverb Time: 4 new Schwiter identified by Short to Long allow the choice of the attenuation of the processed signal, ie the decay time complies fully with the law of Sabine. The range is from 0.2 s to 4.5 s, depending on programs and pre-selected delays.

contour: these 2 schwiches provide fine tuning of overall color of the reverb (or dark)

The usage is very intuitive and easy.


The PCM 60 is comfortable on all sources without difficulty, with a grain particularly flattering. It provides the strings and brass spaces very realistic ..


A very good machine, it is impossible to commit an error in handling both the ergonomics was thought best to streamline interventions ..