Akai Professional S6000

S6000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Akai Professional S6000 : FP User's user review


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Mine is maxed with 256Mb ram (optional), i have a 4.32 Gb SCSI HD attached (optional, i read in forums, that others have 50Gb hd's in theirs), usb-card (optional), standards: 16 outs, FX board, 2 seperate midi in/thru/outs, "virtual hard disk sampling" enables you to play long samples directly via hd.. i don't have a zip drive built in, because of the HD (eventually i will get one though) there have been quite a few bugs in OS 1.0 , that's why the s6000 wasn't THE sampler when it came out, but now at OS 2.14 everything runs smoothly


Even without reading the manual (which i still recommend) it's very intuitive and easy to use.. thanks to the detachable big screen (you can just replace the cable with a longer one with a rs-232 connector, but it has to be a straight through cable, NOT a nullmodem cable) you can have the sampler (optional with HD) somewhere in your rack and control everything from the screen.. if you have a kid he will want to trade your screen with his gameboy ;)

i don't have it for a long time, but so far everything was fine.. it's steady built, but i've heard that the intakes that keep the screen in place when attached can break or "fall in".. i never have my screen attached to the sampler (i have a 3m extension cord, so i would have to unplug/plug it back in each time, so i rather have the screen lying next to me on my working area all the time for fast access)


In my opinion the sound quality is incredible.. i loaded some of my (good quality) kicks into memory and i have never heard them with such pressure..


In my opinion this is THE sampler (thats not only my opinion, that's what a lot of people say in different forums) and with an internal or external HD and usb board its an ultimate sampling machine

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Posted by: baggysound ( 6-, 2005)