Akai Professional S6000

S6000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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bb dreamer 11/25/2003

Akai Professional S6000 : bb dreamer's user review


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Sampling rate 44.1 KHz - 48KHz 16bits
A / D converters 18bit (oversampling * 64)
D / A converters 20bit (oversampling * 128)
8MB of RAM expandable to 256MB
128 voice polyphony
Quadruple multi purpose (EB20)
2 MIDI ports (in, out, thrus), 32-channel multitimbral
2 between the front jack, headphone
2 XLR larrire
Jack larrire 16 outputs (configurable as Stereo 8 pairs or 16 individual mono outputs)
2 input / output optical S / PDIF
2 RCA input / output S / PDIF
Wordclock connection
2 SCSI ports
Screen 320 * 240 on tlcommande Detachable
PS2 (keyboard)


Map 16 ADAT input / output optical supplmentaires
Card USB edition on PC / Mac sys with ak


The panel is CONTRL Detachable (RESOLUTION catch 320 * 240) so I can minstaller cushy in my chair to set the bte, what happiness! The interface is super intuitive graphics and the handling is IMMEDIATE. Ldition samples, programs, menus, functions are quick and easy. LOS is stable, but without the typical Windows bugs. Cest the sampler as simple users who have given t in May to see.


The converters are neutral and the sound is crystalline prcis and powerful. APRS sampling, the sound becomes more dynamic rendering is excellent especially on the acoustic sounds dinstruments. All that is gaining percussion punch.

The card EB-20 is effective for apprciable dlais effects and reverbs (use small doses because the rendering is quite mtallique ...), modulation type spatial flanger, chorus, are quality mdiocre. In lensemble, the effects make service provided to use it wisely.


I chose the sampler for its openness to the world PC (USB card / format native DOS / Wav) and his panel Detachable CONTRL is infinitely practical, but also for its CHARACTERISTICS (16 outputs, 128 voice polyphony, 32 multitimbral channels and memory capacity). Programming options fit me well, they are standards ... The multimode and organization of keygroups are flexible and powerful modulation matrix is ​​Designed and MIDI timing is the road well on large squence. The 26 filters are effective and rsons cratifs although they are not as good as Dému, but instead sounds good knock it right. In short, cest of lartillerie heavy!