Akai Professional S6000

S6000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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jctroyes 11/20/2009

Akai Professional S6000 : jctroyes's user review


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I had the chance to buy the era of its release ... C'tait the price of a small car.
Since I have always with all its original options.

Can be left for another opinion I would say that the Akai or EMU is very much a story of choice ... but I must admit that sounds more pais EMU and the filter through S6000 are those of ct in EMU.

As against the power of inception, the incredible stretch time (almost with a DIRAC Rivals) and a true musical interface consevoir edition to really sound ... In short, the S6000 taitle top on these points the era. And without wanting to play favorites the Z4 and Z8 APRS output could not galer S5000-S6000 The series and even the SERIES S2000-3000 so popular. Many grosstudio lpoque chose the S6000 for its portable screen and especially EMU compltement doubled done on this one. I remember well the trs ad campaign of EMU and the big price war ... Akai silent trs EMU ahead and a little conservative about their origins (we will not fault them on a lost time voulloir keep their sound (but they did well).

I do not think the S6000 is as mythical as the SERIES 900 (beautiful sound) or 1000 (more for a story format) yet dernirement plunging into me I realized that there was this sound that I could not find in my components and then I realized I had a machine that can be physically removed etsimultanmant 16 tracks with an incredible quality conversion even still today ' Today my act converter UA2192 the S6000 not pass for an old signal to noise ratio machin.Le compltement mad respect for the stability reliability of the signal.

AND surtoutune fawn diffrent work composed and I guarantee that changes everything (also valid for all those old EMU sampler, ROLAND) ...