Akai Professional S6000

S6000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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yoTrakkz 09/01/2011

Akai Professional S6000 : yoTrakkz's user review


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The Akia s6000 is built tough and its built to last, this unit will last you a long time which is good because its not a cheap unit. Most of Akai’s units are pretty expensive but you get what you pay for and Akai has branded them self by creating high quality equipment and samplers that are the best on the market. All of Akai’s products have a great quality and great sound that anyone can appreciate. If you have used Akai’s products before than using this wont be too hard for you. But if you need the manual its not hard to understand at all and you will be up and running in no time at all.


The Akai S6000 has 26 different filter types with 4 and 2 low pass, bandpass and highpass plus man more. All filters can be controlled by all of the assignable program modulation and knobs and you can use and patch up to 14 controllers and tune the sampler into an extremely powerful synthesizer.


Sounds are great and so are the effects!! I recommend just playing around with it first before even touching the manual. That’s a good way to learn how to self navigate through all of the options and sounds and then if you get stumped you can go back and look in the manual to figure out what to do. So after doing this you will really see the possibilities of the dynamics and options.


Overall I am a Akai user to the fullest, I love their products and this one is just as great as all of the rest of them. I paid around 1500 and used it for about a year. This product can be compared to the MPC’s with the powerfulness of its sample capabilities. Also with the synth creation of the 5000 , this is a flat out great machine.