Akai Professional S6000

S6000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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ericthegreat 09/21/2011

Akai Professional S6000 : ericthegreat's user review


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The Akai s6000 has enough sounds on it to last you for a long time to come. You will be amazed in what the Akai s6000 can do, Akai always surprises me with the products that they put out from these to all of the mpc’s.


Even without reading the manual (which i still recommend) it's very intuitive and easy to use.. thanks to the detachable big screen (you can just replace the cable with a longer one with a rs-232 connector, but it has to be a straight through cable, NOT a null modem cable) you can have the sampler optional with HD somewhere in your rack and control everything from the screen.. You will love being able to do everything with a screen on the Akai s6000


sounds are great, i havent had it for a long time, but so far everything was fine.. it's steady built, but i've heard that the intakes that keep the screen in place when attached can break i never have my screen attached to the sampler (i have a 3m extension cord, so i would have to unplug/plug it back in each time, so i rather have the screen lying next to me on my working area all the time for fast access)


Overall , Mine is maxed as far as it can go with 256Mb ram which you can choose to install but it doesn’t come with it like this right out of the box. i have a 4.32 Gb SCSI HD attached usb-card (optional), standards: 16 outs, FX board, 2 separate midi in/thru/outs, ;virtual hard disk sampling enables you to play long samples directly via hd.. i don't have a zip drive built in, because of the HD (eventually i will get one though) there have been quite a few bugs in OS 1.0 , that's why the s6000 wasn't THE sampler when it came out, but now at OS 2.14 everything runs smoothly