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FP User 10/31/2008

Akai S6000 : FP User's user review


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Oh Lord where do I even begin? The USB adapter option with the Aksys software package is a MUST. With the recording setup I described above Aksys allows simple drag-n-drop between my PC and the sampler. I drag my recordings to PC and import to Sound Forge, Acid and Cubase. In the PC the multitrack song is built, mixed, and then rendered. The rendered mix dragged back to the sampler for final listen. Playback from HD is a great feature and allows playback of a sample that is the stereo mix of an entire song. 16 analog outputs plus stereo mix. Superb signal routing flexibility here. VERY powerful onboard synth engine with a myriad of superb filters and modulations. I can take a single-cycle sample of a basic waveform and synthesize fat basses and beautiful pads. Programming is excellent using Aksys which provides a graphical UI for all parameters. Makes for a great synth!!! Control panel becomes a wired remote and can sit atop the midi controller keyboard for changing patches and editing while playing live. How cool is that? There are too many other great features to list.

Price paid: $1495.00 USD


Without using the PC software it is a breeze to operate the S6000 from it's control panel. After years of not referring to the manual I realized it had been lost. Oh well. I can take samples and edit them just as quickly using the controls as I can using Sound Forge. Getting around the OS is greatly simplified by the HUGE graphic display screen and never having to go more then 2 submenus deep. Now, loading Aksys and controlling the sampler from the PC is really a no-brainer. Even the most technically challenged individual can competantly control this complicated and powerful instrument in no time using Aksys. If you can't figure it out with Aksys I'm sure Carlos Mencia would give you 1st place in his DE DE DE awards ;-)


Hmmm, sound quality? Real simple, the S6000 is THE recording front-end for my studio. All the soundcards I've tried in my PC go back to the store because they DO NOT compare at any sampling rate/bit depth. I now only have an el-cheapo sound card for monitoring purposes. I use the S6000 to record vocals, guitar and organ in addition to my other synths. The setup is simple but functional: Mic > TubePre > S6000 > PC Results are fantastic!


Dropped the control panel on the floor several times with no ill effects to the display or controls. Build quality is very high. Design is 1st rate and well thought out. Nice amenities such as headphone level control and sampling inputs on the front. All controls, buttons and connectors have a good solidity. Built to last. Mines been with me since I bought it new in 1999. Still looks like new and everything functions like new. Only complaint I have is about the difficulty of installing the internal hard drive. Takes a steady hand!

Can't live without it. I might actually choose it over my wife if it came to that. What else can I say???

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Somnium7 ( 6-, 2006)