E-MU E6400
E-MU E6400

E6400, Sampler from E-MU.

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Docteur Frog 08/27/2008

E-MU E6400 : Docteur Frog's user review


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Of all Samplers Racks at E-MU E6400 is the one I've never really understood the value. Not that he is not good, far from the critics are positive (below) but when we look carefully, the E6400 provides professional solutions, but the options that E-mu offers in addition to what is needed Sampler its proper functioning and satisfaction in droves.

So why have released a porshe with tires made of wood and a diesel engine?
Those with the E64 did not pitch. Except for one or E4xTurbo E4X.
And then there was also at that time ESI4000TurboZip that the price was complete.


It changes nothing. But we invite the importer of the time to reconsider the translation of the manual and we apologize to all users of imperfections in the trans.

Finally we discover the full power of the future E-MU samplers Racks. And then imagine already work on a FULL E-6400 Options or E4X or E-Synth.

For all the rest is below.


Cocks. But as always that frustration of a constrained version when it is releasing the dogs. The 64-note polyphony (not real) is too low. In preset mode on the compilation of sample we do not know why but it is nibbling we do not know how ... It is believed to have underfoot (the fingers) but in the end the machine is voiceless. :-(.

And then the RAM ... 16MB of origin. A bike like 16MB is not making fun of the user? Upgradeable to 128MB cool. But at what cost ...

After note the compatibility of Roland and Akai samples while it is not screwed to translate a disk EmuIII base.

But it also has things: Z-Plane Filters, Undo function, Re-Sampling, etc..
We will put a score of 7 just for the dynamics.


I am not convinced by the E6400. I'm just going to decorate my opinion you need to list the options that the machine is properly used:::

6301 - Installation Kit hard drive (also requires the purchase of HD included) Bravo and original right?
6310 - MIDI Expansion Kit (adds 16 additional MIDI channels) there are only 16 outputs max so blah.
6311 - FX board (processor adds 24-bit stereo) ;-( how we can do without ...
6313-8 optional audio outputs: required
6315 - AES / EBU Digital I / O:: also necessary to retrieve samples from a CD or a DAT or sync.
6816 - 4MB of RAM CPU: to expand the number of preset and the internal sequencer. And it must have ben use the internal sequencer and then we discuss the extension or off.
6820 - E-Synth 16MB ROM Kit:: Yeah ... who eats the RAM. Crazy?
6821 - Orbit / Phatt Sessions 16MB Rom Sound: Excellent, but better to have the FX board to enjoy it. And dont forget the RAM.
6825 - 8MB Flash Memory Board (to add sounds in ROM) So many buy a sound module ... it's getting.
6826 - Same as 16MB
6910 - 128-voice polyphony (+64 v) by far the largest with 8 outputs Supp. Why not be integrated automatically quit a bit to increase the price.

What we forget is that this is the kind of machine that if you miss the availability of options at the end ... change in the next series, they change the protocols and formats. Therefore have much curb such a great tool, I never understood.