Akai Professional MPC1000

MPC1000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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mutah 03/26/2014

Akai Professional MPC1000 : mutah's user review

«  Old school ... and proud of it »

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In 2014, everything has been said about the beast ... Reminder: 2 midi in 2 midi out, 1 stereo output with separate effects and 4 groupable by stereo pair needed (useful to put one or two on a set Kaosspad tracks).

The effects are minimal job, do not dream but the reverb or delay sometimes troubleshoot. The integrated compressor boosts though the main output, but no miracle: it leaves only what we are going home.

The upgrade to 128MB of memory is almost mandatory if you want to fully enjoy the sampler other than for modest drumkits.

Adding a hard drive gives a comfortable storage.

The buttons are a fairly average quality and deteriorate over time, but change the price of a welding workshop not too complicated.


Once past learning, which is not too laborious, we found it quickly when you've already teased hardware or software sampler.

The firmware upgrade to JJOSXL2 transforms completely into a war machine and you realize you can really do without a PC, which I still doubt the reliability on stage (yes, I become old fart).

on the other hand, do not be afraid of the language of Shakespeare: useful resource materials are in English. However, this really is not rocket science. Certainly, one can moan over the ergonomics of a software solution, but I've never experienced a crash or lag or mass problem and the buzz that follows.

The sequencer is very comprehensive, past learning.


The converters are rather neutral. There is not the "grain" of the old MPCs but this is not its purpose: it is CD quality, period. So, we can achieve the treatment samples for PC then pick it.

When you upgrade the pads to the "fat pads" mpc stuff, feel changes dramatically! you can start playing beats like tutorials Jeremy Ellis with a pretty royal touch I must say.


With more than two years. Concerts, improvisations, residences ... I'm always happy. It controls my expanders and synths quietly, while providing a more than adequate sampler with a speed of creation.

In short: I love it :)