Akai Professional MPC1000

MPC1000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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Maz'Hoot 03/30/2014

Akai Professional MPC1000 : Maz'Hoot's user review

«  Killing monumental »

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Value For Money : Excellent
audio + midi
not much effect, or at least I used little, there is a low cut top cutting etc. ... the rest I can not use it too.

sounds we finally put all we want is as flash card we bought. They can be edited directly in the mpc 1000 and can edit them on the computer before it is pc or mac linux. (I prepare my samples on ardor before putting them in the MPC1000).

The sequencer is quite easy to use. It is top notch. It quantifies when playing. I made a complete song with but I do it again I think.


There is an adjustment period (it can be long if you have never touched the mao), but it comes pretty quickly.

I do not have the manual. The problem is that it is for akai base, and was quick to pass at least JJOS1 when we know what we can do with it.


Sounds it is we who put them, so it's silly to judge whether they are good or not. The whole point of the thing is to put your own sounds. Basic sounds was inside I was horrible but since I bought it used I do not know where it comes from, and then I hate rap (unless it is sufficiently experimental) so necessarily ... If you want to buy something with samples already ready is not what we need to buy, in my opinion.

Otherwise I can not find a quality loss in the samples that I put in the mpc, they are as I heard from the computer. (See can be better I do not know ...)


I use it for about 1 year.

No I have not tried it but I was looking for something that is independent of a computer. That can be used without the need to bring a computer. And so it is perfect for that.

What I like most is the ability to play with the sliders on the pitch, and also to trimer (set where the sample starts) by editing the sample. It can also make the slider on my MPC1000 but I can not do that in a specific configuration. I do not know if this is a bug or what but in my case it makes this function unusable. But it is good enough for me to do to edit the sample.

I found the quality good value, but we must take into account everything that can be customized after expensive.

With the experience I remake that choice rather than 2000 times.