Akai Professional MPC1000

MPC1000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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Terotrist 08/31/2004

Akai Professional MPC1000 : Terotrist's user review


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See AF ​​and subdue all very rewarding forums

Too bad for time stretching and reverse are absent but with usb and some good progs on your pc you can do wonders!


Getting Started nickel, you can put you there ds ke you open the box (not forget to plug even when !!!!) thanks to prenregistrs sounds

The manual is well Detailed with the summary and all, quite readable although ke I do not like reading the usual manual (you can even do without you so it's simple)

The functions are super simple to use: it has marked all over the pads

Usb port very good idea and its expandable memory 128MB (although chre)


The incorpors sounds are not all so bad that has, I gard few, but after depending on the style of music you want to do you have that this is done to sampler has !!!

The effects can be used in small amount they spend well and it would be best when even a multi-effect exerne but hey it's not essential.

Very good sonorits, it is so pleasant that I let squences shoot for hours (in fact as many problems clippings of randomized sound which seems will r by the new OS I expected GGGGGGRRRRRRRAAAAAAAVVVVVVVEEEEEEE)


I use it for two months and I found this little beautiful !!

I love his big portabilitsuper (that is, among other things is to I have prfr his big sister MPC2000), its usb prt very fast and convenient for exchange bw / Mcf

This is my first "groove machine" so I can not really compare, price quality ratio is acceptable even if it's hard to get out 1000euros plus 120 for the memory AKAI (required)
I rachterais without hsiter! Really I have not regretted but I have not eaten for a month !!!!