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  • Samson Technologies CP308i

    Samson Technologies CP308i - " Brilliant!"


    I own a Yamaha arranger keyboard, a Takamine electric acoustic guitar and I use a Shure Beta 58A for vocals. I was looking for a solution that gives me a good quality and suficient power with versatility. On the advice of the store FEELMUSIC to (42) …

  • Samson Technologies Resolv 2.1

    Samson Technologies Resolv 2.1 - foudupc's review


    Used product for about 2 years. Problems arose at the subwoofer, slamming the extinction or ignition, or does any more bluntly. I did the repair in a specialty store, it works very well since. The box is given to 20hz-3db, he really falls down to…

  • Samson Technologies R21

    Samson Technologies R21 - " Attractive price, His allachier" has images


    What kind of microphone? (Song, sound, mixed ..): Micro versatile enough to say everything, and with still better performance for the voice. Well, it starts immediately agree: 50 € for 3 microphones, 3 shells and a nice case (3m cable and 3 I thi…

  • Samson Technologies C-control

    Samson Technologies C-control - " Control room super clean"


    I use it for several weeks. Yamaha speakers with bass and MSP5 HS10W on protools 9, among others. Super. Matter of convenience, pity that the talk does not go back into the circuit headphone unit. For a home studio that would be good practice. Finall…

  • Samson Technologies StudioDock 3i

    Samson Technologies StudioDock 3i - gter49's review


    2 active speakers 2x15W Entry ipod / iphone Amateur use in home studio / mao / Multimedia SOUNDS As an amateur, I find that sound is a very good quality. The stereo is very clear. The power is sufficient to use computers. OVERALL OPINION …

  • Samson Technologies VR88

    Samson Technologies VR88 - " Sider the Out of Ribbons" has images


    We are in the presence of a ribbon microphone with a single directivity at 8. It is powered by 48V, very good, it delivers an output level of importance. It comes in a metal case with clip, XLR cable bent suspension and Mogami. Plus a small bag so…

  • Samson Technologies Live! 612M

    Samson Technologies Live! 612M - " ESSENTIAL" has images


    We use the Samson 612 million since early 2010. We have two speakers 12 "DB Technology exploited as other returns and a large LEM Mixer all assets. (300 W) It suits us perfectly, it is a tool made for the stage: Power, Sound, weight, size, connecti…

  • Samson Technologies MB1

    Samson Technologies MB1 - " Very well researched and practical!"


    The kind of small microphone boom very well thought out and very convenient, everything is adjustable and the base is heavier than you think. Ideal to use an amp on a small piece of furniture or floor, same for a bass drum. Do not rely on pictures …

  • Samson Technologies S-direct plus

    Samson Technologies S-direct plus - " housing hotline"


    2 XLR Link and 2 Outputs 2 x XLR Attenuator-20dB and button to remove the circuit ground Case UTILIZATION easy to use and connect. The advantage is to group 2 entries in the same case and thus can quickly connect stereo instruments (keyboards …

  • Samson Technologies SRK16

    Samson Technologies SRK16 - Krapod's review


    This is a very easy to rack up. You just pay attention to the meaning of rulers (one side no American counterpart, and the other metric thread). It has sliders to the front and rear, 4 wheels, 2 with brakes. It's a studio rack, but I liked the handle…