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  • Samson Technologies 5kit

    Samson Technologies 5kit - victormelamade's review


    This is a nice little drum microphone package from Samson. I got these as my first drum mics because of the obvious benefit that they are so cheap. You are getting 5 very usable mics for an entry level engineer at less than $200, which is really ju…

  • Samson Technologies C-control

    Samson Technologies C-control - victormelamade's review


    I got this controller a while ago before I eventually upgraded to the Mackie Big Knob. Overall, it is really not so bad of a product. The price is really great, and since it does a lot of different things reasonably well it is of course a good valu…

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - victormelamade's review


    This is a computer mic that I used at work for a while to record voice instructions for new employees. It is a very simple and basic microphone but it does have some nice features that make it very attractive to those on a budget who need to get som…

  • Samson Technologies C02

    Samson Technologies C02 - victormelamade's review


    These mics are sold as a pair, so it is two mics for the price of one. Right off the bat, you are getting a great value. They come in a nice package which includes a case for them to keep them safe, and also a clip for each mic that is shock-mount …

  • Samson Technologies G-Track

    Samson Technologies G-Track - victormelamade's review


    This is a really cool piece of technology, not just a microphone. It has a ton of other features housed inside the microphone that make it like 5 products in one. First of all though, it is in fact a large diaphgragm condenser mic. It also has a p…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - victormelamade's review


    The C01U is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. It is not a normal microphone that you would find in a studio. This one actually can connect right into a computer! That is really convenient if you don't have a lot of gear and you're just star…

  • Samson Technologies C-valve

    Samson Technologies C-valve - "Samson C-Valve"


    Purchased from Sweetwater Sound. My home recording setup needed outboard pre-amps and using a mixer just wasn't cutting it. I especially wanted a tube pre-amp because the mixers tended to leave the signal sounding harsh and brittle. These units pa…

  • Samson Technologies C01

    Samson Technologies C01 - AnimalTracksStudio's review


    This is a Studio Condenser Mic. OVERALL OPINION SAMSON C01 STUDIO CONDENSER I have a pair of these that I have had since about the year 2000. I bought them as vocal Mics for my home studio and actually used them as such for several years, albums …

  • Samson Technologies C03

    Samson Technologies C03 - aidan.04's review


    Samson's C03 is a large diaphram condensor microphone, offerring 3 distinct patterns; supercardoid, omnidirectional, and figure 8 all of which are available at the switch of a button. It features a switchable high-pass filter and 10dB pad, as well as…

  • Samson Technologies C02

    Samson Technologies C02 - "Samson C02 Condenser Pair"


    I bought mine from AMS (American Musical Supply) For $119.00 Great mics! Very professional sound! I recommend this set of mics to anyone recording or using live on acoustic instruments. I don’t have any thing really good to compare them to except…