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  • Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass

    Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass - " Top Notch"


    That's good two years since I played on stage (folk dance) with this system. The mini transmitter is connected to the folk (a Taylor), the receiver on a zomm 504 acoustic and the sound system. The transmitter battery holds 2 balls 4 hours. The sou…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 200

    Samson Technologies Servo 200 - " Very well"


    Used at the beginning with a small subwoofer in bridge 8ohms. Now it serves me amp for home-studio monitoring and it works great, I have not to reproach him except perhaps with transport the blue LED in the button works when it wants but it is only d…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 200

    Samson Technologies Servo 200 - " Incomprehensible failure"


    Used 6 years. More suddenly sound at all NI Warranty The electronics visit: Quick fact he tested the "vital" organs and everything is OK Result: in "security" incomprehensible finally say it couterai rather than more expensive look than buy a ne…

  • Samson Technologies BL3

    Samson Technologies BL3 - " It makes the job"


    I use it for dynamic microphone (singing on stage) and condenser microphone (sound to repeat). In two cases, I have no particular problem. OVERALL OPINION Bought in December 2012 for € 20. I had no particular expectations for this type of p…

  • Samson Technologies R11

    Samson Technologies R11 - " Excellent for live ..."


    Especially effective live, especially used for voice. The sound tends to hide the high frequencies it is perfect for the stage. Samson R11 is a hyper cardioid dynamic, robust, which is very resistant to feedback. OVERALL OPINION Used since I do n…

  • Samson Technologies C03

    Samson Technologies C03 - " Excellent price /"


    We heard all about this mic ... So I'm posting this notice in order to raise the odds of that product in value for money does not like it. This static adjustable polarity microphone: cardioid / 8 / omnidirectional heavy that inspires confidence, …

  • Samson Technologies L2000

    Samson Technologies L2000 - " great"


    Is rack? I pence not What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? XLR jack UTILIZATION The general configuration is it simple? yes super simple SOUNDS The console is transparent? yes a really perfect sound I recognized most of my i…

  • Samson Technologies Live! 1212

    Samson Technologies Live! 1212 - " I love"


    Good powered speaker with a powerful sound quality heavy enough to transport but you get it anyway Lol very good value. SOUND 8/10 PEAS 5/10 QUALITY 7/10 …

  • Samson Technologies S-direct plus

    Samson Technologies S-direct plus - " My savior"


    2 entries asymmetric 6.35, 2 outputs / asymmetric link in Jack also 6.35, and exits with the Treaty XLR (balanced so) signal. All in a sturdy aluminum casing and feels good longevity. UTILIZATION Just need a square 9V battery, you plug in the j…