yoTrakkz 10/30/2011

Samson Technologies C02 : yoTrakkz's user review

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We use the Samson Technologies CO2’s primarily as a vocal mics but where it really shines is on instruments. I have a small 12? SWR bass amp and I put this mic up to the speaker and it sounded fantastic. I really couldn’t believe it. I had been recording bass direct but from now on I will be sure to use this mic (even if I record direct as well). It does perform well as a vocal mic but does not have the high end boost we are use to hearing on vocals (by design). This mic was not designed to be a copy of other high end mics. It really has its own sound. Despite its relatively inexpensive price, it has found usage in many high end studios for a reason. I am very happy that it is apart of my mic locker.


This mic has a huge low end and major proximity effect, which may mean rolling off some of those lows further down the chain. It's thick and rich with the included Sovtek 6922 glowing inside, and while there isn't much top, it's there and quite usable. Softer transients. It will work on some vocals primarily, but you can also try it in front of a drum set, on background vox, and on cabs. Maybe a cello or double-bass would work too.

Setting the Samson technologies mics up on the included stereo mounting bracket flared out from each other at about 110 degrees two feet away from an acoustic guitar yields a recording identical to how my ears hear it. I got these mics to record some acoustic guitar parts for my own tracks and some side work I do recording my church choir. I couldn't be happier. I run these through the FMR audio RNP and the natural sounding recordings you get with these things are great.