Samson Technologies C02
MGR/Colby H. 02/28/2005

Samson Technologies C02 : MGR/Colby H.'s user review

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I bought mine from AMS (American Musical Supply) For $119.00

Great mics! Very professional sound!
I recommend this set of mics to anyone recording or using live on acoustic instruments. I don’t have any thing really good to compare them to except for the Shure SM57 and the Audio-technica AT811 condenser, and it beats both of these easy. These mics are especially good for acoustic guitar, they give it a nice bright end, however I don’t think they wood make good vocal microphones.

There is really nothing that I don’t like about these mics

They are very well made. Looks even better than my Shure SM57 (the industry standard)

You will NOT beat them for the price!

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