Samson Technologies C02
Querelle 08/28/2009

Samson Technologies C02 : Querelle's user review


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Pair of microphones super-capacitors cardioid (side rejection of -10 dB to -6 dB miei for a cardioid microphone). Normal sensitivity (10 mV / Pa), a little noise High (22 dBA) compared to the standard but low enough that it can be understood that on low level sources in a soundproof recording studio, c ' is the same noise level as that of the best electret microphones very small capsules with CCA (4060, 4090) and Earthworks (QTC series). Nice finish. The cap is removable, but to my knowledge, Samson proposes no new capsule for now. Plastic box with foam containing the microphones mounted in their suspensions, the latter also being beautiful bills. -Given the price (I bought new € 119), I put 10/10.


I participated in a blind test of sixty small capsule microphones, the result has been published in Tape Op. Each member of the jury had to listen to the sixty mono folk guitar made and retain 15. Samson CO2 was my selection with Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Sanken etc. It certainly was not the one I liked and he was not among the 15 most selected by all members, which included eight of my selection, I says to reassure you about the quality of my ears <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" /> .dropoff Window It was after this test I bought the
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Piano recording: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">Samson CO2
compared with two to four times more expensive, of Rode NT5 ( ), The Oktava MK-012 cardio ( ) And the Audio-Technica AT4041 ( )dropoff Window

and 10 to 20 times more expensive, Josephson C42 ( ) And Schoeps MK21 ( ) .dropoff Window

Yeah, it's worse than Schoeps but note must consider the price, so I put 10.