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  • Samson Technologies CL8

    Samson Technologies CL8 - "Good Mic -- A little overpriced"


    This is a multi-pattern condensor microphone from Samson Audio. It's a recording microphone with an XLR connector. It's a good starting microphone for those who want to take a step into the intermediate field of recording with three pattern options a…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "Good USB Mic"


    This is a USB condenser microphone from Samson. It's got a USB connection, making the need for an external mixer, internal soundcard, or external interface moot. It plugs directly in as an accessory and is treated by the computer as so. There is very…

  • Samson Technologies C01

    Samson Technologies C01 - "Good Beginner Mic"


    This is a recording condenser microphone with an XLR (3-pronged) connection. OVERALL OPINION What I like most about it is the sound for the price. It sounds good, and it's got a nice roll off at the end so your vocals aren't too boomy. What I like …

  • Samson Technologies Q5

    Samson Technologies Q5 - moosers's review


    Samson Audio's Q5 is a simple, five channel headphone amplifier box to be used in the recording studio. It's a really basic box, but it's definitely nice that it has five channels, as it can be a one stop shop for headphones in a smaller recording s…

  • Samson Technologies DMC100

    Samson Technologies DMC100 - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio DMC 100 Mic Clips usually come in a set of three.  These clips are designed to clip onto drums for easy placing of microphones for live shows and in the studio.  I've only used the clips inside of the recording studio, but would thin…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - songboy's review


    What I like most about this thing is it does its job well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  If you own a studio, then you definitely need to have a Headphone amp.  This thing does a great job at providing good sound and all the parameters you need …

  • Samson Technologies C01

    Samson Technologies C01 - songboy's review


    This is a condenser microphone primarily used for recording.  I guess you could use it live for a Bluegrass setup being that it is Omni directional.  Other than that though, it is definitely a studio microphone. OVERALL OPINION What I like most abo…

  • Samson Technologies C-valve

    Samson Technologies C-valve - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio C-Valve is a budget friendly tube based single channel microphone preamplifier.  The unit has both XLR and 1/4 inch connections, so you can use this both as a traditional mic pre and as a DI box.  It isn't a rack mountable piece of g…

  • Samson Technologies C02

    Samson Technologies C02 - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio C02s come as a pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones that are designed for use in the studio or for recording live shows.  I don't believe that they are sold alone and only come as a stereo pair.  The mics have a cardioid pol…

  • Samson Technologies AirLine 77 Guitar System AF1

    Samson Technologies AirLine 77 Guitar System AF1 - mooseherman's review


    This is a Wireless system for Electric Guitar. The jack is designed for a Strat in this model. I tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to wireless guitar systems. I usually feel like they are unnecessary; unless you are rocking out arenas, you ar…