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Samson Technologies user reviews

  • Samson Technologies Auro D210

    Samson Technologies Auro D210 - "D210 sounds like the Behringer B210 but it cost more?"


    The Samson Auro D210 is very similar to the Behringer EuroLive series of PA speakers. But it cost more, which is a big problem when purchasing this speaker. This cabinet is a 2 Way active speaker that is great with your live sound. It is a great spe…

  • Samson Technologies R11

    Samson Technologies R11 - "Not for music"


    The Samson R11 Dynamic is a vocal microphone that is very inexpensive, and knowing how inexpensive it was is why I took a chance on it. The quality of this microphone is decent, nothing to be excited about though and nothing that I would use for any …

  • Samson Technologies S-com 4

    Samson Technologies S-com 4 - "My first 4 in and 4 out compressor"


    This compressor is a rackable unit that is very affordable costing only 170 USD. There are 4 XLR inputs and 4 XLR outputs on the Samson S-Com4. We upgraded to this compressor after 2 XLR inputs and outputs just were not enough for us anymore. The kno…

  • Samson Technologies SE50 - Beige

    Samson Technologies SE50 - Beige - "Good Choice for Theatre!"


    These Samson SE50's are a solid choice for theatre groups! The earpiece design is a bit odd and a few people have complained about them being uncomfortable to me, but for the most part they seem to get the job done. The color is a big plus for stage …

  • Samson Technologies R11

    Samson Technologies R11 - "Great low price mic"


    I have used cheap mikes and good mikes in my lifetime as a professional musician. But I just joined a new band and the mike I was using was starting to lose its sound quality, so I purchased a SM58 and took it to practice. The other musicians in the …

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "SAMSON C01U = AWESOME"


    This product produces great sound at an incredibly low price. This mic produces sound that compares well with others costing hundreds more, and I'm quite fond of it. Cosmetically, it was perfect, no blemishes, dents or missing finish. Everything app…

  • Samson Technologies 8Kit

    Samson Technologies 8Kit - "The Shure PGDMK6 is way better"


    I have had the Samson 8Kit since 2007 and have used it tons of times since then. It is an 8 piece microphone kit that comes with 2 condenser microphones that are for overhead, and 3 tom mics, a kick, snare, and cymbal microphone. This is a very basi…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - "really quiet"


    The S-Phone is made by Samson, it is a 4 channel headphone amplifier that has 3 outputs on each channel. It has 5 input channels and 4 output channels. You can rack this unit up to keep out of the way in the studio. I have used his unit about 10 time…

  • Samson Technologies MDR1064

    Samson Technologies MDR1064 - "Preamps need work"


    The MDR1064 is a 10 channel mixer (stereo), it comes with 6 preamps and an on board EQ. This unit is built well to be as inexpensive as it is. All of the knobs are on their good and have a nice resistance to them. This unit gives you the 3 band EQ o…

  • Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i

    Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i - "simple"


    The XP40i is a 2 channel 40 watt amp, it is very portable and provides a very clean sound for whatever you want to use it for. Even if you where to play music through it with the built in iPod socket you will get a great warm sound for it to only be …