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Samson Technologies user reviews

  • Samson Technologies Stage 55 Lavalier System

    Samson Technologies Stage 55 Lavalier System - "Only 120 dollars??"


    The Stage 55 Lavalier is a wireless system that comes with a transmitter and receiver. It only cost 120 dollars making it one of the most affordable wireless systems that are out. It is a high quality product for this price and should not be passed …

  • Samson Technologies XP308i

    Samson Technologies XP308i - "Mixer but no mic"


    The Expedition XP3098i is a portable PA system that comes with 2 150 watt speakers. It does not come with a microphone but it does have an 8 channel mixer that it comes with. Also it has the iPod socket and a simple reverb effect that really does not…

  • Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw

    Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw - "good but only 40 watts"


    The XP40iw is a 2 channel 40 watt portable PA system that can be used for the most basic situations. If you are running a small conference or even some sort of a meeting then it will work great. One plus with it is that it does have a built in iPod s…

  • Samson Technologies S-direct plus

    Samson Technologies S-direct plus - "been using it for 5 years"


    The Samson S Direct Plus is a phantom powered box that has a lift switch. It is only 40 bucks and it is very easy to use and set up. It is a plug and play device that has gold plated XLR balanced outputs. The bottom of it has rubber corners to preven…

  • Samson Technologies Go Mic

    Samson Technologies Go Mic - "Portable and inexpensive"


    The Samson Go Mic is very affordable and very portable. It only cost 40 dollars and it is a lot better than other USB microphones. It records at 16-bit/44.1 kHz resolution and has selectable pickup patterns as well as an headphone output on it. Whe…

  • Samson Technologies Q8

    Samson Technologies Q8 - "the Q7 is still better"


    The Samson Q8 is an upgrade form the Q7. It is a supercardioid dynamic microphone that will keep all of your feedback issues away. It does cost a little more than the Q7 but I still think its under-priced. The Q8 will give you warm crystal clear voc…

  • Samson Technologies Q7

    Samson Technologies Q7 - "Warm sound"


    The Samson Q7 is a dynamic vocal microphone that has a supercardioid pickup pattern. It has a built in shockmount and comes at a great price. If you are in need of an affordable microphone especially designed for a live show then the Q7 is the best o…

  • Samson Technologies SR850

    Samson Technologies SR850 - "comfortable but lack mid range"


    The SR850’s come in at a very low price, for them to be 60 dollars the frequency response is pretty good! They are a pair of semi open studio monitors that have a driver size of 50mm. They come with a ¼ adapter as well. When it comes to price and per…

  • Samson Technologies G-Track

    Samson Technologies G-Track - "Good starting point"


    The Samson G-Track seems to be an all in one solution for recording for someone who is really one a tight budget. It is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a 3 position switch for mono , stereo and computer monitoring. It is all powered via …

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - "Go a step up"


    The Samson Q1U is a USB dynamic microphone that comes at a very low price. But just because it is a low price doesn’t mean you should purchase it, though the sound quality really isn’t that bad because I have heard a lot worse. There are other USB mi…