Samson Technologies
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Samson Technologies user reviews

  • Samson Technologies Rubicon 6A

    Samson Technologies Rubicon 6A - "Impressive treble definition, but..."


    Obviously the ribbon tweeters are an interesting feature. These monitors are well suited for semi-pro nearfield use when really dialing in the higher frequencies is a priority. Yet, overall they fall short for really serious applications. For a coup…

  • Samson Technologies C03

    Samson Technologies C03 - "Well rounded and ready for vocals and instruments"


    The C03 is made by Samson and it is a multi pattern condenser microphone with switch able cardioid , omni and figure 8 pickup patterns. It also has a high pass filter and 10dB pad switches. The Samson C03 comes with a carry case and a swivel mount. I…

  • Samson Technologies Go Mic

    Samson Technologies Go Mic - "For $30.00 it's a good usb device"


    The Go mic is not your typical USB condenser mic it's a simple usb mic made for recording vocals/sounds. I found it very useful in terms of conducting skype meetings as well as podcasts. It comes with a mic clip attached to it making it easy to clip…

  • Samson Technologies SR850

    Samson Technologies SR850 - Freddosaxo's review


    Good headphones for recording and studio because the sound is clear and they reproduce well the original sound. However, they get warm after several hours of use.…

  • Samson Technologies PS01

    Samson Technologies PS01 - "much needed"


    The Samson Technologies PS01 is a professional pop filter that is made out of metal screen. It's a unique design that is especially effective. This version of their patented pop filter attached to the end of a mic stand, while the Samson Technologies…

  • Samson Technologies C02

    Samson Technologies C02 - "great sound"


    We use the Samson Technologies CO2’s primarily as a vocal mics but where it really shines is on instruments. I have a small 12? SWR bass amp and I put this mic up to the speaker and it sounded fantastic. I really couldn’t believe it. I had been recor…

  • Samson Technologies Live! 615

    Samson Technologies Live! 615 - "Decent sound for the price"


    The Samson Technologies Live 615 are very underated, most people havent even heard of these or even know that they exist. I don't like the sound of traditional keyboard amps - most aren't bi-amped and for the most part, you gotta buy two to get stere…

  • Samson Technologies C02

    Samson Technologies C02 - "Monster for overheads on tour"


    Very simple matches pair of condensers. No filters or any excess features. Just two cheap matched pair mics. OVERALL OPINION No let's be clear. Nothing beats a pair of $700 shure mics for overheads in the studio. Nobody is debating that. I'm n…

  • Samson Technologies Meteor Mic

    Samson Technologies Meteor Mic - "usb is the future of mics"


    First things first. The reason I wouldn’t give the Meteor mic a perfect rating is because The included cable is horrible. Its very thin and was picking up a lot of interference in the form of a high pitched whine. Switched out for a better shielded c…

  • Samson Technologies C-Que 8

    Samson Technologies C-Que 8 - "great price"


    Its cheap and it works great, but it seems to color the signal somewhat. When running the cans through the 003 rack and then switching over to the Samson its like something’s missing. It doesn't seem to have the same depth as the 003. I know we are t…