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Samson Technologies user reviews

  • Samson Technologies EXL250

    Samson Technologies EXL250 - "great sounding speakers"


    For $500 this portable PA system is working great. I bought it for a DJ gig in a fairly large restaurant space, and I never had to go above 60% on the master volume. Clear as a bell, no giant booming bass, but bass responsive is fine. I'll get a subw…

  • Samson Technologies R21

    Samson Technologies R21 - "decent for the price"


    These mics are ok for the money, nothing spectacular though. You have to get right on it for your voice to be heard. Move any where left, right, or back just a little bit and the volume is gone. I know good mic technique but these do not help. I me…

  • Samson Technologies SX1800

    Samson Technologies SX1800 - yoTrakkz's review


    The Samson Technologies SX Series Rack is a great stereo amplifier. It is very rugged and reliable and wont break on your or have any problems if it gets knocked around a bit. The Samson SX series includes five models. The all have great control capa…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 120

    Samson Technologies Servo 120 - "Solid, Compact Power Amp"


    Nicest things about this amp are it's one-rack-space heigth, and passive, silent cooling. I've used this one for a small stage monitor amp, a high-frequency amp for a bi-amped rig, and as a main and sub amp for home audio. It has never let me down/…

  • Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass

    Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass - "ok"


    I bought this pedal when mars music went out of business. I think I paid around 50$ for it. The sound quality was okay and at the time it was probably one of the better deals for the money. I could get out into the crowd or walk around my house while…

  • Samson Technologies C01U

    Samson Technologies C01U - "Simple, convenient, reliable, easy on the wallet"


    This studio condenser mic is an affordable option for the musician looking for quality playback. A built in USB interface makes your life simple with a cord running from mic to computer identical to your printer cord. The 19mm diaphragm is equipped f…

  • Samson Technologies G-Track

    Samson Technologies G-Track - "A serious USB mic"


    USB mics have been mostly ignored by established studios. Many of them are considered toys or something an amateur would use. The Samson G-Track is trying to change that perception. The G-Track has a large diaphram condenser that that has a 19mm caps…

  • Samson Technologies RS12 HD

    Samson Technologies RS12 HD - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio RS12 HD's are passive PA speakers designed for a variety of purposes. The setting which I've used these speakers has been in a practice space with a band. Along with the Samson Audio XM410 mixer, some good friends of mine in a band…

  • Samson Technologies XM410

    Samson Technologies XM410 - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio XM410 is a six channel powered mixer for use with a public address system. The six channels on here each have their own XLR and 1/4" inputs, as well as equalization and aux control. It also has 1/4" jacks for an effects loop, auxil…

  • Samson Technologies S-phantom

    Samson Technologies S-phantom - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio S-Phantom is a two channel phantom power box to use in the studio. Most people probably won't have a need for something like this, but if you have some mic preamps that don't have phantom power built in, as you'll sometimes find in …