Epiphone SG Special
Epiphone SG Special

SG Special, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

drapeau_rouge 04/18/2009

Epiphone SG Special : drapeau_rouge's user review


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Epiphone SG Special Ferrari Red color, it is not clear in what wood it is made ... It seems that the body and neck are 22 frets mahogany ... Rosewood. The frets are trs enjoyable, bad files so that you will hurt a little by hand.

Tune - O - Matic, mine is blocked I put a little glue in the prisoner of the bridge and it is a good but still good ... Not even when mga solid.

The pickups are Epiphone with hoods on my part ... Ba are not great ... MRIT Does a change in the micro? I am not sr ...

The slecteur 3 Positions lch me when I bought it I changed it to an impeccable MODEL amricain works' now.

Other problems: Plastic Nut ... So it's not good ba top to sustain ... The mcaniques also take little agreement ...

A lot of scratches on the problem but it sounds pretty plutt empty. Wood means, electronic medium ... I put 4 of 10. Other manufacturers are making things much better in this price range.


The handle is quite pais, it is very similar profile of Gibson's 50. It is not as fast and the frets are a little prominent, it's hard to do something specific with this guitar. The varnish does not stick, it's a good point, for after the game against a good half-hour begins be tiring, tired handle right hand ...
Access in acute is good, given the normal form. The guitar is lgre. It must be around the 3lbs. Rcurant problem of SG, the guitar pitches down so be careful!

Gets - is easily a good sound? ah ... the difficult thing for our answer No, I say: D: D
Ba er ... I noticed (and it's pretty ironic) that the amp is more low-end, the better it sounds ... It sounds better on an amp transistors in fact.


The clean sounds are not great because ... they just are not clear! Should lower the volume of the guitar but you lose volume when I turn the saturation distortion so good ... A bit boring but it did with.

The distorted sounds are not great either, they have a pretty muddy Tone, you have to push the treble of the amp. Be careful not to put too much saturation because otherwise the pickups buzz (a shame for a humbucker ...).
Overall, the dire need of mdium, the guitar can not hide his violin little benefit ...

Difficult to find a sound that I like, I use it only when I rev few breaks a string on my Fender Start for example.

I put 4. A guitar for beginners, and again, I RPET in this price range around 150-200 euros, some competitors are doing better.

I tried changing the microphone on the guitar and it's true that it's better, but the violin is not exceptional. Generally silent sound better, but not transcendent!


Cel is about 4 years that I have, I bought it for 85euros a buddy, all original. It is for that I had bought.
In the beginners I found not too bad, but as time passed and I found none in fact. Now is my guitar "DLIR" for guts, but not too long because it is tiring ... trs

Considering the price that I pay the ratio quality / price ratio is exceptional for me.

It will be suitable for beginners and 2nd or 3rd guitar for those dj a little practice the guitar. It is the means for fans of gibson less fortunate, to have fun cheaply.