Epiphone SG Special
Epiphone SG Special

SG Special, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

ToneZone 03/11/2004

Epiphone SG Special : ToneZone's user review


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- Mahogany body half and half je_sais_pas_quoi; Bolt of the same wood as the body, 22 frets.
- 2 Epiphone humbuckers, 3 position switch: run, Chevallet, handle + Chevallet
- 2 knobs: 1 volume, 1 tone
- Not input jack on the side but on the table, which requires an angled jack to be comfortable


- The handle is fine and clean gibson: round. it gets off on it or hate it, that's in gibson / epiphone. I found it enjoyable. it is fast and comfortable. access to acute is excellent, it's just an SG there instead.

- Its shape is reminiscent of the devil with two horns, I loved it. SG: copied but never equaled. it is not heavy at all (about 3 pounds), but a little unbalanced, it goes forward a little when playing standing. but rest assured it is done quickly

- Turn the sound ....


- No mystery, double Epiphone is no tip / top, normal is an entry level guitar. the microphone is good for the serious blues or hard, while the microphone is more acute directed to the punk sounds clean or funky rhythms. the definition of micro is not super accurate and lack of dynamics. to ring the beast, favor a change of pickups (DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan)


- This is my first guitar, I have replaced the original pickups with Ibanez INF1 and INF2 pickups and the result is already better, but with DiMarzio it should.

- I like his mouth is undeniable I.NI.MI.TABLE!

- I have not tried other scrapes before, in the midst ac / dc donf (before, during, after school), I had an SG .. favorite! and I keep it as a second scratch if something goes wrong and for sentimental reasons.

- The finish is good overall, but the connectors are so so (knobs, cables), and mechanical weaken a bit after a big pull. nothing devastating, just the entry level.

- The quality / price ratio is nice, 1600 francs) the time, I trove it is not fair to poor cam!

- With the same budget I will take this guitar, SG POWEERRR!