Epiphone G-310
Epiphone G-310

G-310, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

kikill 01/02/2004

Epiphone G-310 : kikill's user review


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Audience: Beginners
-Made in Korea
-22 Boxes, taken in the form of points
Fixed bridge Tune-O 'Matic
1micro-humbucker in the bridge position and a 2 in the neck position
-3 Mic positions (bridge, bridge + neck, neck)
1potentiometre micro-and a micro volume, allowing a good range of sound intermdiaire position (neck + bridge)
-D 'after what I saw on my model the body is plywood ...
-Handle is large but fairly flat


-A my taste the handle is super enjoyable, can be a bit wide but we sy made, and personally I do not have small hands so it fits me perfectly, as can be for small hands is less well ...
-Handle is painted (the back of the neck) of the same color as the body, to be nice + provides comfort (my taste)
It is really great enjoyable run and done
-B is the body beautiful shape (usually achte if this model is not for nothing ...), beautiful painting.
-The mechanical arrangements are much the same with mchants bends
Arghhh by-catch against BIG BIG on my model (I think it is not on the current models)
the thing to hang the strap is fixed on the handle even (!!!) at the box 16, which is quite Gnant solo.


-Then the issue is great (at least for this price)
-The sound is powerful enough, especially micro severe (handle) + potato that the acute micro, micro acute offers its lack of serious (*** is what I say but true. ..) fo push the level of the amplifier to be heard in bulk. and it does not shake the ground (I'm in the Tagus so I can shake the ground with my guitar)) I'm lucky little hhh)
I played with a distortion Ibanez tube screamer and a perfect ... and it the sound is aggressive in distortion, and many round clear sound, and a supper of saturation, the sound is very bluesy dirty ... a rgal


I put a 9 as a function of the price of the instrument well sr, because the sound is really good, I never tried to gibson masi after the words, ca comes close.
-The comfort is to go
-Finishes are impeccable
-Is just the problem for the strap (on my model anyway) and more ... ca is dplace this lil thing.
-Even while sitting there is
She is really Legre, even + Legre my copy of strato
-L 'Access in acute is great, it's great for solos ...
short investisement good for beginners and small piggy banks. possibility to change the pickups for a more satisfying + ...