Gibson Robot SG Special LE
Gibson Robot SG Special LE

Robot SG Special LE, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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ShowMeHowToLive 07/05/2012

Gibson Robot SG Special LE : ShowMeHowToLive's user review

«  A good Gibson, the robot and more »

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Made in the USA. 22 frets, black finish, 490R and 498T pickups, neck type 50's so larger than a 60's Les Paul, an SG classic settings with a push-pull in more settings for the robot. Jack connection on the bottom like Les Paul.
Comes with an AC adapter and AC / jack for charging.


Using a Gibson Robot is not super intuitive. Gibson wanted to make the robot function transparently and therefore there is no screen or lots of buttons, a single button push-pull knob is used to control all the features, as saying that without reading the manual it is difficult to control the beast!
Change tuning is done rather quickly even if it means scraping the strings, it is done in silence, only the tuners are heard when they turn.
Add your own tuning is a bit cumbersome since there are no screen, you have to memorize the colors of the LEDs and their numbers.
It's still very nice to add his tunings and switch from one to another so quickly, I think it changes your life when you play songs to very different tunings like Soundgarden, Black Crowes, Stones or Led Zep.
Be careful to change the strings, you must read the manual to avoid breaking the tuners that are specific (and much deeper).
Other than that, for the rest, this is a classic SG, the robot functionality is well integrated, it is remarked on before by push button pull a different color.
The handle is a SG, thus wider than the first frets Les Paul Standard. Access to the treble is very good on an SG, the ergonomics also, it plays perfectly seated, this is not the buche Les Paul!
The handle is simple without binding and without trapezius but the overall finish is perfect, no defects, no buzz, it's good made in the USA with a good box Made in Canada


The pickups are classic Gibson pickups, the robot does not change functionality, it is by piezo pickups in the tailpiece.
These mics offer good without hiding panel gibsoniens sounds and good fishing, I find them even better than my Les Paul, over fishing and a beautiful grain. The guitar sounds good vacuum.
I play with my Spider Valve Mk2 and with lots of different models, it goes well everywhere. This is a Gibson with Gibson's what She did not disappoint.
on the other hand, changing pickups looks to me more complicated than a conventional SG due to the electronic robot.


I use it for a few days. I bought it not for the robot functionality but because I wanted a Gibson SG and the robot are rated very low and the price is very low, I got it for the price of an Asian model , so it was worth it. There are bargains to be found on the Gibson Robot which often go 1/3 of their original price, they are often sold off in in-store specials.
I love the robot functionality, for now, it works well, to see over time ... For the rest, it's a good SG with good microphones and good sound.
The value is unbeatable bargain price, on the other hand I would not put the price in the new, it is still not worth the shot.
The only regret is that there are no more options or settings screen to help but wanted a Gibson guitar, pure and simple and therefore the robot is well hidden, without the mechanical robot, it's still a Gibson classic!