Gibson Robot SG Special LE
Gibson Robot SG Special LE

Robot SG Special LE, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

chocopopz 04/07/2009

Gibson Robot SG Special LE : chocopopz's user review


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Made in USA. 22 frets, 490R and 498R microphone, the classic humbucker as found on most Les Paul or Flying but not fundamentally different. When one has tasted the emg ... but hey, it's great classic sound heard a million times on discs.

No floyd, no bigsby (injury). Comes with a super safe Gibson and charger, but requires a power supply purchased separately, 12v 1.2A (with the + middle). J'utiise me a Hong Kong style PSU has 10 bullets and it works impeccable.

Robotic tuners seem a little big for the player, but viewers do not notice. In any case they are not heavy. Just a little bulky and not very "vintage". The tuning knob is him outright ... magic irradiated science fiction block. It serves as tone control when it is pushed back (whew).


Channel classic, not too fine, not too thick, rare woods, but not as nice and as fast as the (good) Fender. Mine is Cherry, classical classics. Although the varnish will take 10 years has really dry (and being good!). It will remain a bit "sticky" for a while.

The big plus for OS: access to high boxes, weight, much lighter than the LP.
Minimum: no table curved, so a little less grain or a resonant LP.

Well, I mainly took the robot to automatically change and rapidos tuning. Switch to Open G for the Stones, opened to the Zep, down half a tone for the Hendrix back to normal ... . It works with the fire of God!
In less than 15 seconds tuners are the good grades. By checking with a tuner Boss TU-2 and TU-80 we see that the tuning is ... Impeccable! A real madness and a huge inspiration to discover amazing tunings. I spent so much time has set my guitars in that time, I am edified by the facility. How to play Karma always granted immediately. It is monstrous.

A charge lasts for over 200 tunings: What abuse!.
Never broke a string re-granting (I am still on the calibration 10-46).


Guitar rock / hard rock. The robot sounds exactly like the non-robotic.

Sounds great on the coarse-grained amps (Marshall, Mesa) but can be ultra-fine on the Fender or Vox. The acute course are not the caliber of a simple bobi.

I am pleasantly surprised by the balance of the sounds of strings. All reflected in the agreements, not boiled, really heat. Big definition.

This guitar loves pedals and does not lead blast or buzz.


Oh la la, yes I would do this choice, especially the SG which is cheaper than the others (LP, Explorer). It's expensive, it's stylish, but when you bump, that is c. ... at work, here's a clearing with a beer and a good friend ... (The uh I digress ...) I do not get why she doesn't commercial (they say).
I adore. It is a revolution p'tite this thing.