Gibson Robot SG Special LE
Gibson Robot SG Special LE

Robot SG Special LE, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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f-audio 07/30/2011

Gibson Robot SG Special LE : f-audio's user review

«  very blah »

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everything is already said


for ergonomics is an SG with all its qualities (and defects)
by weight against the much more important is when m ^ me not up to a Les Paul.

tuning issue, it's that everyone is waiting to hear opinions, and although the system fontion very well. the tuning of each string is quite precise. (Despite the fact that the tuning is done only once, it is often necessary to scrape all of the strings 2 to 4 times, but hey that's normal)
Open, Drop, acccordage continuous ... Not bad!

Unfortunately it does not take very long. a small bend and hop réaccordage necessary and not least (almost 1/2ton less).
(Y t it would have a defect in the mechanics??)
ago about the possibility of making adjustments manually to eventually change


She possesses a priori that the same micro SG Standard 490R 498T, but I do not recognize at all, unless fishing, SG The grain is not at its best is back (I was able to directly compare )


more than a little concern on the one I tried, tona of the bridge pickup was not working properly, were thoroughly acute in middle position (and therefore more serious sides of each??)
this is a setting that I have not found? (Knowing that this button is specific to the auto tuning, and no double knob, so everything is managed by electronics)


For my part I will not do this investment just to avoid dealing with two mechanical
the concept may be nice, but not in (at least on the one I tried)

2 sg Cote (standard / robot) to score the robot does not measure up