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theaudioandvideoguy 06/25/2012

Apex Electronics 185 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« we will keep using it »

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The Apex 185 is a very slim condensor mic that has 2 switches that are actually on the mic itself. One of the switches is a - 10 decibel switch for recording some instruments that pack a sharp punch like some brass instruments and for like a snare drum. Because of these instruments immediate punch can cause mics to record well over 0 decibels which is a big no no. So with the -10 switch it will make a big difference for when you are recording these instruments. I have used several Apex 185 mics at the same time and have nothing negative to say about them. They have worked great for recording some of the groups and bands that come through my studio.


This mic is worth the money that it cost. It doesn’t even really cost that much so you can actually afford to get more than one which is well worth the investment to record. it’s a high quality instrument mic that is perfect for those brass and woodwinds and drum sounds. I don’t use it for anything else but instruments like those. Mainly instruments that can have a lot of accent points meaning start with a loud sound and then go down to low tones. Mainly for the instruments that are really dynamic as far as the loudness of them. This mic has worked so well for myself and my team we will continue to use it for many years to come. I think they have actually upgraded the mic now to a different more advanced version that can handle a little more and is more multi purpose , but since we have these there really is no reason for use to upgrade. The Apex 185 is one of the best instrument mics to have in your set up and we will keep using it.