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cris 22 02/03/2005

Audio-Technica ATM10A : cris 22's user review


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Transistor condenser microphone for recording. Omnidirectional. Fantme battery power and 1.5 V. Strong and easy to use.


I use it for more than five years, mainly for recording choirs (pair AB, 2 pole 5m), but also for instruments. Used by hand, it is not very sensitive to friction.

It captures with great precision and subtle and great neutrality. Its great sensitivity allows it to reach even the singers most moves away. Pair, the image is stro prcise and Retailer. Compar ATM 825 (also used it beat by a better rendering of the grave.

Side of the mdaille, he misses nothing, from the smallest toussottement the rustle of paper. Not to be used in proximity: risk of distortion (50/70 cm placed a violin, it is input in the same rsonnance mcanique).

Ct pure performance, I do not know best in the genre, but I never had the opportunity to use the Neuman. But even in this case, I think the report would remain excellent quality price.

However, I plan to replace (or complter) by a pair of B2 Berhinger pro that I think most versatile (omni, cardio and 8), although more "heavy" handle. Still, ATM 10a retains the advantage of the use of battery and hand.