jumich 07/23/2004

Audio-Technica AT4041 : jumich's user review


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Condenser microphone rponse trs right.
Robustness. The whole book includes microphone clip, hat and box of good design.
Good sensitivity and especially trs good absorption of high pressure levels. Used in over head on a battery that gives .....
Intgr low cut filter.


I use them for two years mainly to couples Stereo miking various (atmosphere, mood, music ...). The rponse trs is good for this kind of use.
For over head on scne is also well trs.
Cot heat, we can not have everything .... These are not studio microphones.
But on a pole, robustness and quality compared prices dfie any concurrency.
It's not every day we find a couple of the quality less than 500 euros.
I do it again this choice without hsiter